Are you ready for a Reggae party?” - Jr Dreads

The Grass

Jr Dreads, humble minstrel to Jah Highness

Money runs the world, and it is driving us straight off the cliff… Jr Dreads from Oakland, California, is a revolutionary Reggae singer-songwriter who believes that systemic change is both necessary and possible. Born and raised in Paris, France, he crafts soulful melodies and deep, poetic lyrics to deliver his message of awakening to our true nature. Jr Dreads is a freedom fighter with a philosopher’s mind, who envisions governing institutions genuinely designed to foster virtue and harmony, thwarting away the greed, hatred and ignorance that befall us. Armed with funky guitar skanks and inspired by contemporary Reggae artists such as Ziggy Marley, Soldiers of Jah Army, or Dub Inc, Jr Dreads creates unique and memorable songs that set your body free and elevate your spirit.

A self-assumed late bloomer, Jr Dreads found his songwriting spark by regularly attending the open mic at the Starry Plough in Berkeley, California, while studying engineering. He slowly honed his life-long passion, gradually embracing Reggae music as his primary style for its powerful syncopations and conscious social justice message. After releasing a first set of pop-oriented recordings in 2014, Jr Dreads formed The Yerbalytes, playing at venues across the San Francisco Bay Area. Now on a ten-year-long journey to formulate his own sound, he boasts a new band with the famed Razor Blade on drums and Manny San Gabriel on bass guitar. Together they recorded “The Grass”, available on all mainstream online music services.




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