1. Sweetie

From the recording Eclipse

A song that I wrote for my Sweetie back in 2000 when we were separated for over 8 months after I moved back to Paris following my stay in Berkeley. It still sounds just as fresh as on the first day!


She's my dream girl, I found like a pearl
She’s so silly, that makes life sunny
She's fast asleep 'till I kiss her lip
She'll say thank you though she doesn't need to

And she will comfort me, we can be so cozy
Yes she listens to me, she is my prodigy

She's sweetie, she's sweet to me
She's sweetie, she suits me

She has a big heart, she makes me feel right
She's the princess, of happiness
She will shake it, on a funky beat
It's no surprise, she gets my prize

She will always stun me, she has such energy
And she gives it to me, I bet that protects me

It's always exciting to see you laughin'
It's still a bit frightening when you start cryin'
There's been so much growin' and yet we're still learnin'
We keep on trailblazing, we’re fueled by that lovin’